Each manufacturer needs to produce an ideal item inside given time allotment. Be that as it may, to make a deformity free item, one must utilize a top notch testing instrument to decide its obstruction against antagonistic climate conditions and other ecological variables. There are various instruments accessible in the market to perform testing on materials before creation however just a couple are furnished with a 3 MB streak memory, USB drive and advanced temperature controller.

Salt Spray chamber – Korrox III is one such machine which accompanies all the previously mentioned and extra highlights. In addition, the assembly of this instrument has glass wool insulation and double walled structure to oppose any disfigurement. How about we investigate the key advantages of utilizing the analyzer. This machine offers add up to adaptability in reproducing the genuine climate conditions and it additionally helps in estimating the real strength of the item.

The salt spray tester or mist tester is a propelled erosion test utilized for assessing the consumption obstruction of materials when presented to salt haze. The test example is put in an encased chamber and it is subjected to a steady stream of haze. This stream is kept up amid the whole length of the test. This testing procedure is utilized in both car and mechanical division.


Labtiger offers this testing chamber at spending agreeable rates. The offered equipment is outlined and made by worldwide guidelines to guarantee most extreme flawlessness while getting to the imperviousness to rust capacity of various materials. It is outfitted with time totalizer, air cleansing controller and sample rack.