The tapes and adhesive strips have numerous applications in various industries. The only property they work on is the adhesive strength. This is the only property on which the tapes are compared and tested for. The manufacturer prior using the adhesive or the prior initiating the production line always wants to check the quality. However in lack of right testing equipment the results may come faulty and has no credibility.

Rolling Ball Tack Tester is a high state testing equipment used for conducting rolling ball tack test for tapes. The adhesives are tested under high standardized processes which evaluates their adhesive strength and see if their quality matches the set requirements. The entire equipment is constructed as per the baling test method. In this test the tape specimen is placed over the test area. Operator must ensure that the specimen do not slip away during the test process. And for which the best way is to tape up the specimen using thing adhesive layer on both the ends.

After fixing the specimen on the test area, fix the specimen board on the instrument. Now put the ball on the release section. Now usually in other test instrument the ball hold facility is not available which means the ball will instantly roll down when put inside the release segment. But in this Rolling Ball tack tester, the ball can be held for a particular time till the operator is ready to focus on the test and record.


Post the release, the ball is stuck at the point where it will encounter adhesive resistance on the tape. The distance travelled by the target ball on the tape specimen can be measured. This distance on distinct specimen can be used for comparison. More the distance travelled by the ball, less is the adhesive strength of the tape.