A submarine is a type of watercraft which is capable of independent operation underwater. Majorly used by the navy, it is used for providing protection, research and much more. The submarine goes way beyond the sea level and be there for a long time duration. During this time, may be used for any purpose, the craft has to maintain its performance throughout the time. While being so much deep inside the water body the major issue which endangers its existence is the water itself. The water quality hugely affects the quality of submarines and interact with the coated surface outside. In case of poor quality paint used, the protection layer can easily be corroded and released. After which the water can slowly seep inside to react with furthermore sensitive components leading to working failure. This may sound small but can bring hazardous situation for many. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the painted layer outside must be of supreme quality. In this blog section, we will study how water immersion test using water bath can help in the evaluation of pant quality for submarines.


The testing method

In this test, first of all, a highly accurate performing water immersion chamber is utilised for conducting standard operation procedures of the test. The metal components which will be the building block of the submarine must be painted or coated using the paint specimen, the manufacturer wants to use. These painted specimens are now ready for the test. To initiate the testing procedure, first fill the tank with water up to a level, till which your specimen can get fully immersed. If required conditions of water can be set by adding reagents. Then as per the company standard heat the water up to a particular temperature and immerse down the specimen in it. The test can go long till the company wants and the by visual inspection one can see the effect of a fixed water condition on the coating layer.

By this inspection, one can decide over the choice of coating you must apply on the submarine as per its future surround ding environment to get maximum protection.

To conduct this entire test, it is very important to have the bes5t and world trusted testing chamber, i.e. Labtiger’s Water Bath Digital.


It is a rectangular, double-walled, stainless steel digital equipment, wherein both the inside and outside are made of high-grade corrosion resistant stainless steel. It is also used to incubate samples in hot water at high temperatures required in textile and microbiology industries. It comes with a motorized stirrer for maintaining heating efficiency.

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