Plastic manufacturers and suppliers are always in need of various forms of plastic material and parts. They are a high-demanded supply. The flexible nature of polymers is the reason behind its growing demand in every industry. Because of the versatile nature of polymer they can easily fit different applications. Properties like strength, elasticity, hardness, non-reactivity makes it perfect for various uses across the globe.

There are many properties which are there in plastic material, but among all of them tensile strength is a common property which is required to be excellent in majority of industries. However, there are numerous forms of polymer material present and can have wide range of difference otherwise. In such case how to find a single test solution which can be perfect for all forms of plastic material.

Labtiger introduces a highly advanced testing equipment tensile tester. The machine is designed and structured as per international test standards and is the number one choice for many leading brands. Plastic quality is no single stage process. It is continuous process which needs to be performed regularly at a single manufacturing process. At level like raw material selection, manufacturing stage and getting the final product a plastic must be tested for its quality. It is not good to miss any stage for quality inspection. The tensile testing machine tells how much a plastic material on applying external pressure can be stretched.



Equipped with advanced technology of sensors for minute detection of force applied. Having a load sensor unit on the equipment for uniform force application. With a cross head travel length of 700 mm that to grip to grip, the machine is capable of testing with higher efficiency and to a maximum range. Have a single column robust structure for long run performance.