Carton boxes are a common source for packaging and transporting items from one location to another. Their strength and resistance towards several damaging factors makes it the foremost choice of packaging industry for specially transit and storage purpose. The carton boxes are the resistant towards weathering conditions, electrical shock, transit jerks, and scuffs in handling and compressive load while in storage. They are mainly selected for the load resistance they exhibit. Many shops or production units have to store their products for a long duration before they reach the shopkeeper’s table. Sometimes they are used for abroad transit condition, in which they need to take the load for a long time period until it is reached at the location.

Manufacturers, thus ensure that the carton box produced must exhibit all the requirements prior its sale, so that it must not fail and pull down the name and fame of the brand. Due to which they use Box compression tester for controlling the quality of the boxes. It is used to check the resistance of the carton box against elevating compression load. The machine is a robust construction which is made up of mild steel material.

The entire exterior is painted with a corrosion resistant plating. Has a double column travel length which allows smooth travelling of the compression plate. The plate is equipped with a load cell which distributes the vertical load equally at each point of surface on the specimen. This uniform force circulation ensures an accuracy in the testing results. The compression plate is strong enough to run constantly repeatable times without delivering any errors. There are safety limit switches which can be used to limit the travel of the compression plate while testing. The specimen placement platform is wide enough to allow wide variety of shapes and sizes of the carton box. Easy placement and easy testing is what this compression tester provides.

The Digital section is a separate board which is equipped with a digitalized display screen and feather touch buttons. It allow user to monitor the test results on the screen and set tare and peak load value too.