Corrugated industry is always on demand for their strong and reliable material used in manufacturing corrugated boxes. The corrugated fibreboard is a best source for making strong and durable packaging containers which are meant for various types of products. Whether its sensitive glass products, or heavy automotive parts. Many packaging manufacturers and companies trust on corrugated boxes for tansferring their products from one location to another.

The amount of shock resistance and load or impact resistance, this material delivers is not cot compared to any other material. But for delivering your clients with the true value of the material or corrugate boxes it is important that you must test it for its quality using highly advanced equipments. One such important test equipment used for testing the burst resistance of material is Corrugated box Bursting Strength Tester Digital.


The equipment is considered to be the most ideal design which is utilized by brands and market leaders to test the bursting resistance of a fibreboard packaging material prior its use in the production of the main box. The Corrugated fiber board is the primary material which is used to construct the entire box. So if you want your final product to be the most resistant one, you have to test it for its bursting value. The tester allow the user to see at which point of peak pressure the material will fail to resist the pressure and rupture. So that, in case the manufacturer wants to improve the sustainability of the material, they can understand that how much of burst value it may show.

For instance, the corrugate box material before was sustaining bursting load of 6 kgf and the requirement is for 10 kgf. Then the manufacturer can make needful changes in the material and improve the production quality. The digital model of bursting strength tester allow the user to perform an easy and rapid testing. The test results can be seen on the digital display screen even while the test is running. The clamping fixtures has grooved structures to hold the specimen on place and avoid any sort of slippage.