Laboratory is the place for invention, experimental, trials and failures. The lab personnel deal with dangerous sort of chemical smoke and fumes. Therefore it is of great importance that they integrate a high quality of Fume Hood which can deliver protection against such conditions and allow them to conduct their experiments in safer environment.

The chamber is an advanced protection providing equipment which ensures that the fumes generated from dangerous chemical reactions in the lab are not exposed to the entire atmosphere of the room and cause danger to the lab operators.  Suitable for preventing the escape of fumes, dust, chemical vapours, and mist. It acts as a physical barrier between the ongoing chemical reaction and the lab personnel. They require a yearly evaluation program to check if it is functional properly or not.

The hood is usually located against the walls to cover the duct line of exhaust system. Due to their covering up shape they may seem dim inside but there is provision to set a light inside. The front opening slot is constructed using of glass material which is movable in upward and downward direction utilizing counterbalance mechanism.


Entire body is constructed using stainless steel material of high grade quality. Equipped with small sized SS sink, water tap, and water outlet system. A fluorescent light along with a centrifugal motorized fan is equipped in the machine. The exhausted fumes will be channel out through PVC tube lines.