The Heat Deformation temperature (HDT) is the temperature at which a polymer or plastic specimen bends under a predefined pressure application. This property of a given plastic material is connected in numerous parts of item configuration, designing and manufacturing process utilizing thermoplastic material.

For plastic vertical, it is vital to decide the disfigurement that an item can face on use of high temperatures. For this reason, Heat deformation tester are utilized. This lab testing instrument is composed by the norms set by ASTM D-648 and ASTM D-1525. The machine gives you the most ideal method for deciding the redirection or distortion of the item under a predetermined temperature and pressure. It is likewise utilized for deciding vicat softening temperature of the item. The instrument is given two stations. For manufacture of the internal shower, high review treated steel is utilized and for creation of external body, Mild steel is utilized and is given a powder covering.

The analyzer is fabricated by utilization of best in class innovation and assembling process. With a high level of exactness in test results and precision, it turns out to be extremely simple to quantify the heat distortion temperature of an item alongside vicat softening temperature. It is a reliable device helpful for deciding the capacity of a polymer to bend at hoisted temperatures. Precise and solid redirection or distortion is essential part in plastics industry. It is composed according to norms IS 2530-1963, ISO 75-1(2004) - E, ASTM D648-01, ASTM D1525-00.


Plastic quality assurance is major requirement now days especially in thermoplastic objects. These type of plastics can easily be shapes using high temperatures, which is why such device are used to control the plastic nature. It can be used with two types of test medium, which includes water and silicone oil. A digitally based dial gauge is equipped for keeping a record of pressure or load applied. The temperature controller is manged by high grade PID controller based on microprocessor program to ensure precision. The machine also allow to calibrate as per the industry requirement using the in-house tuning feature.