Plastics are used in different industries for a wide range of applications. They are used for manufacturing domestic as well as industrial goods. They are mostly preferred due to their outstanding properties including high compression strength, tensile strength, resistant to environmental factors, non-reactivity to chemicals, and much more. Applications where strong and light-weight materials are required, plastic is considered as the best raw material. It is also used in several crucial applications such as pharmaceutical industries, aerospace, and many more. With such huge expansion of plastic use, it is the prime responsibility of the manufacturers in plastic industries to produce high-quality material and ensure the quality of plastics before delivering it to the final customers so that products can survive for long time duration. For this purpose, numerous types of quality tests are conducted in the labs. In this blog section, we will discuss one of those quality testing method termed as ash content analysis of plastic material using Muffle furnace.

Quality assessment of plastics

To ensure the quality of the plastics, manufacturers use accurate testing techniques and procedures so that best products can be delivered to the customers. If the manufacturers of plastic industries ignore the product quality, it will directly affect the relationship between the manufacturers and customers. There are various kind of polymer properties which are important to test, like,  presence of carbon content, molecular structure, etc. All these properties can be measured easily using an efficient testing instrument.

Muffle Furnace

It is a furnace or a machine in which the samples can be tested at high-temperature. It heats the specimen in such a way that the material does not come in direct contact with flame. It is widely used in test laboratories with a compact means to create a high-temperature say up to 900°C to test the characteristics of the material for highly accurate test results.

Testing Plastics

During the test procedures, muffle furnace generates the high-temperature up to 900°C and turns the test sample into ash content. The testing equipment is a closed chamber which helps to perform thermo-chemical combustion test and calculates the ash content of the plastic materials. The chemical composition and the physical structure of the products can be determined easily after determining the ash content property of the plastic material. It is the best way to determine the quality of the products. The percentage of the materials can be calculated when the weight of the ash content measured.

Muffle furnace nowadays is provided with user-friendly controls along with the digital panel. These devices are provided with a PID temperature controller that helps to operate and monitor the testing procedure efficiently.

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