Paper manufacturers have many factors to take care of and the most common of them is the tearing strength. It is a very useful property factor for categorization of paper material in packaging industry. The paper has been risen in packaging industry and is preferred by all. However, the paper must exhibit some additional properties to be a part of packing industry. Therefore testing the quality and placing them correctly is a must.


Tearing Strength Tester is a simple yet highly standardized equipment which is used for evaluating the tearing strength of paper. It is also suitable for thin corrugated sheets or plastic films. The testing process evaluates the tensile force required to tear a slit on paper. It tells the quality of the paper indirectly. This is also used for categorization or selection of paper as per its application. For instance a paper is required for art making is expected to be hard, so the tearing strength must be higher. And a paper used for making notebooks will be comparatively thin and have a less tearing strength. 

 The equipment complies with international test standards used for tearing test such as ASTM D1424-09(2013), ASTM D624-00(2012), ASTM D1776, and ASTM D689. The main body is tough and plated with corrosion resistant paint. This delivers a protection against corrosion for a long time and assure high-quality performance by the equipment. Uses falling pendulum technique to conduct tearing test on paper. Can be operated single handed and deliver hassle free use. There are variety of pendulum weights available with the machine for accurate results. Strong specimen clamping fixtures comes along with the machine which assures zero slippage during the test. In-house calibration weight is also a part of the delivery.


Pendulum force can be used are 1600, 3200 & 6400 gm force. The force can be selected as per test standard used and company requirements. Has a 38 mm standard radius of tear. The machine is considered the leading choice by many huge paper and packaging brands across the globe.

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