It has often seen that the plastic packaging films when placed over each other starts sliding and slip away easily and not even that they slip on any metallic or glass surface too. This can cause severe damage to the content packed inside when fallen. Therefore, conducting quality control test is of great importance.


Sliding friction of plastic films is evaluated in many industries to set a specified amount of friction for the plastic film production. Excessive friction can damage the packaging material and low friction can make it slip away. Therefore testing the film to know the standard friction requirement is fulfilled or not is important. To conduct the test, one must opt a high-tech and advanced machinery like Co-efficient of friction tester.

 It determines the static and dynamic friction of plastic film using its high-level digital controls. The equipment complies with ASTM D618, ASTM D 883, BS 2782, and ASTM D 1894 to deliver results which are trusted across the globe. Entire operation is based upon highly accurate microprocessor program which detects and convert applied forces in to numerical value with high precision. During the test, the frictional forces can be seen on display screen. Accuracy in test results can be assured with uniform friction. A slider block comes with the equipment used to conduct sample to sample, sample to glass or sample to metal test. Co-efficient of friction tester has fly screws for tight clamping of the specimen film. Bright LED light installed in the digital display section to deliver a clear vision at any time of the day. Feather touch button for machine operation is offered.



Co-efficient of friction tester is known to be the best equipment for evaluating Sliding friction of plastic films. You may also go through our complete range of Multilayer & Films Testing Equipments.