Polyethylene products exhibits a wide variety of features and properties which is based for their applications. The quality control test procedures are also meant to evaluate the behaviour of properties contained by products in plastic industries. Carbon Black Dispersion Test Apparatus is one test equipment which is used to test the dispersion of Carbon black content in polyethylene products. It is a renowned test form in Polymer industry.

The test apparatus include various features and things. Let us discuss them here. It has a hot plate component which comprises of a diameter of 8 inch.  The temperature range offered by the test apparatus is given in a specified range which is from ambient to 200 degree Celsius. A microscope is also a part of the delivery which has a size of 6 inch. The microscope has a magnification power of 100 x and 450 x which is considered ideal for carbon black dispersion.

The equipment complies to IS 4984 and IS 4985 test standards. A hi-tech thermostat is installed for controlling the temperature accurately so that precision can be maintained in the results. Uses a power connection which can deliver 230 volt, 50 HZ with single phase energy. The complete exterior body of the machine is coated using powder coating technology with Havel Grey and Blue combination of color.

Plastic industry has been the most in demand industry which is fulfilling the requirements of other sub verticals. Therefore, it is vital for the polymer manufacturer to maintain the quality standards. Test like carbon black content dispersion is an important base for categorization of polymer for their applications.