Testing is an important part of every work flow. Be it production, packaging or delivery. The testing process is chosen as per the intended application and testing standards. However, certain tests are standardized internally by the industries. Environmental testing has been widely incorporated in many industries. In this test, an environmental condition is simulated in a controlled manner for certain period. The behaviour of the specimen is analysed and further plan of action is crafted based on observation. Labtiger offers a wide range of environmental test chamber for different industrial testing. From low-temperature range to high and extremely high, humidity, precipitation, UV light testing can be done with an ease.

Salt Spray Chamber

This chamber is used to test the corrosion resistance properties of the metal. It is widely used in almost every industry that deals with metal or manufacture products made up of metal.  In this test, the sample is exposed to a salty fog at a temperature of 37°C with a relative humidity of 95%. The sample is placed inside the chamber for 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours or in the multiple of 24 hours. The fog has 5% of salt i.e. NaCl atomised with air pressure to create a fog. The observations are made with visual analysis.


Humidity Chamber

In this chamber, the materials are tested for their durability in an environment with high humidity. Industries dealing with adhesives in their products preferred to have this test on a mandatory basis. As humidity is the biggest enemy of the adhesion, it has to have tested in a humid environment. In the packaging industry, it is very important to check the penetration of moisture in the packing. Certain raw materials like paper and cardboard have a direct impact on their properties due to humidity. In this test, the specimen is kept in the humid chamber with pre-defined humidity and time. The observations are made with visual analysis.

Accelerated Weathering Chamber

In this chamber, a specimen can be tested for 5 different environmental conditions at once. Humidity, precipitation, UV light, temperature, condensation can be simulated in a cyclic manner. This is very popular in the automotive industry to test the effect of weather on the colour and body of the automobile. Be it domestic or commercial vehicle, they are hugely exposed to different conditions. Samples are tested in accelerated weathering chambers. Whereas for the testing of the final products, the automobile manufacturers rely on walk-in chambers.


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