Plastic toys are the oldest and the always running entertainment source of children. The plastic toys are very easy to manufacture and the cheapest option for parents to satisfy kids. Although as we know that today’s kids are more fascinated towards the android system, the touchscreen mobiles, and the video games. But still the kids who in between the age of 0-5 years are still gets attracted towards the plastic toys. It is very easy to please them by these toys. But as pleasing they are, they must ensure the safety of kids as well. It should not be dangerous for them. For ensuring this it is very important to test the melt flow properties of the polymer material used for manufacturing toys. This can be done by using melt flow index tester.

The plastic toys are manufactured by great precision and keeping the sensitivity of the material in mind. They are tested for vibrant color quality, they are tested for the plastic material safety if in case it gets consumed by the little ones. It is tested for its flammability and seen at what level of heat it will catch the fire. As it has been seen that kids are very close to their toys and kids as small as 5 years total don’t know anything about their safety and moreover always wants to eat things yup. Even the toother is made up of plastic. Along with this they are unstoppable they go near to every single dangerous things including high temperature or fire. They can reach ignition points, they can plays for long in direct sunlight or they are near an electronic motor which is releasing constant heat due to running long.

In this type scenario what happens can if the plastic toys are of bad quality they ,may can melt easily with the heat or temperature effect and take sharp pointed shape or either can melt down to the skin of the kid. These cases are injurious and is life risky for the users. Hence, it is very important that the manufacturers must have a control over the molten flow properties of the polymer material.

This can be achieved by testing the plastic material in resin form using the melt flow index tester. This machine evaluates the MFI index of a polymer and can allow you to choose the right material with a specific amount of MFI required by the customers in plastic toys.