PET bottles are resistant to attack by micro-organism and do not react with food products stored inside. It is preferred in beverages, foods and pharmaceuticals. Plastics are mouldable, lightweight and easy to use, so they are used to make our lives comfortable. PET bottles used in soda bottles, peanut butter jars and frozen foods packaging. The bottles have various shapes to hold cosmetic products, storage of chemicals, household cleaners etc. It is important for plastic manufacturers to test the quality of these bottles.

When a PET preform is made into the full bottle, manufacturers must verify that each section of the bottle lies in the desired weight range. If the section weight is different from the regular ranges, a failure can be seen in the bottle blowing process. Hot Wire Bottle cutter allows safe and replicable section analysis of the weight of PET bottles. The four hot wires can be customised to give five clean cut sections that can be analysed and weighed.

Manufacturers are required to use high quality testing machines to assure the quality of various features of PET bottles like perpendicularity, base clearance, compression test, the torque of bottle caps etc. To provide the best quality products to the customers, the manufacturers must run the test on PET bottles with high accuracy. The test method that is usually carried on PET bottles is section weight analysis. Equal material distribution is assured in all sections i.e. Top, Bottom as a cylinder. In this, the bottle is cut smoothly in various sections by not distorting the edges of the sections.

PET Bottle Cutter is a perfect and accurate machine that helps in the smooth cutting of the bottles to conduct perfect weight analysis without changing the original shape. The size and shape of the bottle are important to maintain the safety of products that are filled inside. Let’s take an example of a carbonated soda bottle. If the material distribution in these bottles is not proper, due to high pressure, it can burst from the part or section where the material distribution is less. The various names in the market for this equipment are section weight analyser, Glass bottle cutter, Section weight cutter or a PET bottle cutter.

The applications of the PET bottles are Glass bottle, Plastic bottle, Aluminium bottles and Steel bottles. Labtiger deals in a wide variety of PET and Preform devices like the hot wire bottle cutter. It adheres to many standards like ISO, BIS and ASTM.