Nowadays, the trend of using non-stick cookware is rising. Their aesthetic appeal matches with designer kitchens and they can be easily washed as food doesn’t get stuck on the Teflon layer. However, the most important advantage of this cookware is the life it added to our health. Due to the non-stick nature of Teflon, it ensures low consumption of oil.

The only disadvantage it has is the tendency of Teflon, which is a thermoplastic, to melt down with long exposures to heat. Thus, it is very essential to improve the Teflon quality and fix its melting properties prior to its use in non-stick cookware. This post focuses on introducing a highly advanced and renowned testing system to calculate the Melt flow properties of thermoplastic material.

Melt Flow Index Tester – MFR Model is an advanced technology designed by Labtiger. It is used in evaluation of plastic/resin grade by checking their molten flow properties. It is suitable for calculating Melt flow index, Melt volume rate and Melt Density of Polymer granules.

The MFI test can be conducted both ways using method A & B of ASTM D 1238 and ISO 1133 standards. It is equipped with an Inbuilt Calculator for determining an accurate value of MFI and MFR. To ensure precise results even with repeatable testing, the machine has a Microprocessor based inbuilt PID controller.

The machine constitutes of an inbuilt orifice along with its cleaner, funnel, Mirror stand, Piston, four distinct deadweights, Die Steel cylindrical barrel with cleaner, Material Charger, Plumb line and a Spool.

This upgraded model of Melt Flow Index Tester brings highly advanced technology like no other MFI tester. HMI based Touchscreen for setting Temperature, test duration, and other parameters. Operators can easily manage the test data stored in the memory by generating product identification code. Temperature versus Time graph can be obtained on screen for various purposes. Microprocessor based PID controller for converting the test value into precise digital format, Auto-mode sample cutting to ensure zero error and a USB portal is also available for storing maximum test data on your system.