Packaging plays a significant role to enhance the appearance and quality of the products. It helps to present the product beautifully in the market and ensures the safety of the products during the transportation, storage, and warehousing. Also, packaging helps to provide the information regarding the product’s ingredients. One of the significant industries where packaging plays a significant role is Pharmaceutical Industry. It is one of the major sectors where the manufacturers not only emphasize on maintaining the quality of the products but also put a lot of time, money and resources on the packaging of the product to deliver the products safely to the consumers. In this blog section, we will throw some light on the thickness measurement of Medicine containers using Magna-Mike 8600.


Some of the commonly used modes of packaging in pharmaceutical industries include aerosol packs, PET bottles, blister packs, tubes, sachets, kegs and so forth. The strength of the packaging materials that are used in pharmaceutical industries can be measured by testing the properties of the packaging products.

Importance of packaging for medicines:

  • It protects the products from various environmental factors such as air, heat, dust, pollution and much more.
  • Helps to identify the medicine by its ingredient information on packaging.
  • Helps to provide an accurate dose to the patients by providing consumption details.
  • Ensure the safety of the medicines especially at the time of transportation & storage, etc.

One of the widely used packaging materials in pharmaceutical industries is PET bottles for the packaging of liquids, syrups, tonics, liquid glucose, etc. With an extensive usage of bottles in Pharma Industry, it is necessary to ensure the quality before the filling of bottles. One of the major properties of PET bottles that explain the quality is its Uniform Wall Thickness.

How can be the wall thickness of bottles tested?

To measure the wall thickness of the PET bottles, numerous thickness measurement devices are available in the market. One of the highly effective and easiest ways to measure the wall thickness is Magna-Mike 8600.

It is a highly compact and accurate testing device which is used to measure the wall thickness of all kind of bottles. The device works on Hall’s effect methodology. The device utilizes highly effective magnetic field to assess both sides of the material surface. The wall thickness measurement test can be performed on various types of materials such as HDPE, LDPE, plastics, glass, etc. The device comprises a magnetic probe, steel ball for measuring the thickness of material surface.

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