Testing the Humidity in high temperature causes the producers to decide the quality and response of the segments in various and extreme natural conditions which include high temperatures, fluctuating barometrical conditions and high relative stickiness. The test can be performed just when the material is subjected to the static condition of temperature and stickiness for a timeframe and can likewise be tried in powerful test conditions where the diverse percent of dampness keeps an eye on the disappointment of the items. In this blog entry we will find out about Humidity chamber/Condition chamber and different types of Humidity testing.

Temperature with Relative Humidity

The temperature and Humidity are specifically corresponding to each other. The high temperature of the chamber can prompt high rate of dampness and moistness in the chamber it implies that the air is sufficiently competent to deal with more dampness at a given temperature. Relative moistness implies the proportion of the dampness noticeable all around as for its quality which it can hold in given temperature. It implies that as the temperature of the chamber rises, the level of stickiness in the chamber will likewise rise and stable temperature will offer stable Humidity.

There are various ways that can be utilized to make moistness or dampness in the chambers inside the research centres to analyze the impact of stickiness on various items. Here we will talk about the distinctive methods for moistness age in detail.

Humidity Chambers

They are utilized generally in countless verticals to guarantee the impact of condition on various items. They are utilized as a part of Pharmaceutical Industries to break down the impact of sticky condition on prescriptions and medications. In Plastic Industries to quantify the consequence of sticky conditions and high temperature on the mechanical and physical properties of plastic items.


Labtiger, extraordinary compared to other makers in the realm of testing instruments, offer high caliber and exceptionally powerful Humidity Chambers/Conditioning chamber with an alternate temperature and relative moistness setting choices that dissects the impact of various climate on items. The instrument is outlined according to the standard ASTM D1776 and BS 950 Part 1 which guarantees the precision and unwavering quality of test outcomes.

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