Tensile strength and Elongation are the two most important attributes of both metal & non-metal materials such as rubber, paper, plastic, yarns, ropes, rods, wires etc. The tensile property often plays an important role in determining the usability of any material for production purposes. Hence, it becomes extremely important to evaluate these characteristics in most accurate, quick and convenient manner. In this post we will learn about the role of tensile tester and it importance in quality control of plastics.


There are very few devices available in the market that can perform this task with utmost perfection and one such device is the tensile testing machine that gives best results within a short span of time.  In addition, this machine also comes with a customized set of grips and automatic cut-off facility to ensure trouble free usage.

Application of Tensile Testing Machine in plastic industry

Plastics are known for their versatile nature and therefore are used in various production verticals in one way or the other to meet all requirements of different applications. In order to ensure utmost quality of the finished product, it becomes necessary to conduct a stringent quality check of the raw material before production. Labtiger is offering a highly advanced Plastic Tensile Testing Machine which gives precise and quick analysis of the tensile strength of thermoplastics, high density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene etc.  The offered device is manufactured by skilled technocrats in accordance with national and International quality standards. Moreover, it is available in both standard and customized forms to fulfil diverse requirements of the customers

Salient Attributes of Plastic Tensile Testing Machine:

  • This device is designed with safety features like over travel protection and limit switch safety for load cell
  • It is equipped with a branded and durable servo motor that can run at variable speeds.
  • Users can control its speed through a computer
  • This testing device is powder coated to ensure durability and fine finish
  • It is made up of high quality and sturdy raw components.
  • Here, are some noteworthy specifications of Plastic Tensile Testing Machine
  • It can be used for a wide range of load capacity – 500; 1000; 2500; 5000; 10000 kgf
  • The least count of this instrument is from 200 gram to 5 kilogram
  • This machine offers between 25mm to 700mm grip separation
  • Advanced micro controller system is installed in this instrument

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