Plastics are made using blowing moulding technique, plastic pet preforms are preferred for their unmatched quality. Plastic pet preforms have unique quality like resistance to heat and long term durability. Pet preforms are beneficial for packaging applications. They are light weighted, have high strength and are free from any hazards. Consumers prefer PET bottles due to their convenience as compared to glass. They have resistance to breaking. Manufacturers prefer it since the material provides flexibility to create various attractive shapes and for its low transport cost. PET has recorded the fastest growth rate in the global plastics market. It is evident from the revolution in the areas of beverages, edible oil, detergents, mineral water etc.

Top Load Tester is widely used in the PET bottle industry. The load test discloses the stacking load-bearing capacity of the bottles while they are stored in warehouses and at the time of transit. The test method includes a load exerted from the top on the sample in a specific controlled manner. The force continues to apply until the sample deforms.

PET bottles are used in various applications such as storing powder, liquids, capsules etc. The bottles must have minimum strength to withstand the deformity. The failure in the top load test reveals that the PET bottle should be redesigned. Top load test also helps in determining the weak points in the bottles when falls freely bearing weight in it.

Top Load Tester manufacturer must understand the importance and need for light weighing that arises in PET industries and provides a range of top load testers. These testers give the manufacturers in PET industries to measure the top load strength pf PET products according to ASTM and ISO standard test procedures.

Top Load Tester Supplier supplies the testing instrument all over the world that makes this equipment suitable for testing industries to measure the top load strength and features of all instruments that are manufactured in PET bottles manufacturing industries.

Features of Top Load tester are:

  • USB ports enable data transfer to an external PC or network
  • Rugged construction
  • User friendly touchscreen panel for selecting a test
  • Dedicated compression plates for top-load testing
  • The different load cell is given for various test applications

The testing machine is best to detect the behaviour of the PET containers subjected to continuous pressure for a particular time span.