Determination of moisture content in corn is important when harvesting corn silage. Forage yield, quality and silage fermentation depends upon the corn reaping for silage. Whether it’s too early (when it has high moisture content) or too late (when it has low moisture content) is a major factor to be noted. Hence, it is important to conduct an accurate test method using a proficient corn moisture analyser prior initiating the harvesting process.

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What factors affect moisture content?

There is a wide range of factors that affect moisture content of corn:

  • Geographic location – Corn is produced in almost all kind of locations. The growing season length and the average temperature varies from area to area, specifically from north to south. This difference in the geographical area bring changes in the drying down rate of similar varieties, making local monitoring of moisture level important.
  • Maturity stage – As the corn matures, the moisture content reduces. The frost will also add to the drying process.
  • Hybrid selection – Both relative maturity and hybrid choice will make an impact on the corn moisture content. Hybrids differ in their dry-down rates, hence each hybrid should be tested distinctly.
  • Management of Crop – Factors including soil fertility, weed control, and pest management will make a difference in the moisture level and dry down rates. Healthy, vigorous plants will stay photosynthetically active for a long time and carry high moisture level than less healthy plants.
  • Landscape position and soil type – modification in soil types or landscape throughout the area of a field can affect the plant’s growth and dry down. Soil moisture content may be enough in one area of a field and dry in another area of the same field leading to variation in plant maturity and moisture content.

What moisture measurement methods can be taken?

High-quality moisture testing machine is widely utilized to evaluate the moisture content in a testing sample. It also determines the dry mass amount of the sample. The instrument is utilized in industries to analyse the moisture level of the product. It is incorporated into all the properties of modern balance.

It is duly fitted with a halogen heating lamp and has the accurate weighing technology to effectively, precisely and quickly measure the percentage of moisture content in the sample kept under test procedure.

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