Moisture content affects the usability and quality of a product. Determining moisture content plays an important role in ensuring quality in various industries like chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals. Moisture content affects the taste, appearance and shelf life of foodstuffs. A deviation from defined standard influences the physical properties of food materials. Rate of microbial growth escalates with a total water content which results in spoiled batches. Water gets added to the weight of the final product. It is important to have an analytical value for moisture to get economic importance to a food manufacturer.

Moisture meter are used to evaluate the percentage of water in a sample of materials. The result can be used to determine whether the material can be used or need further inspection. Usually, wood and paper products are more prone to their moisture content. Paper exchange moisture with its surrounding environment until it equalises with that environment. The properties of paper that are affected by a change in moisture level in the paper are strength, flatness, weight etc. Moisture meters are designed for the paper industry to get accurate, and consistent result to the users to determine the moisture level in paper and paperboards.

Digital moisture meter checks the moisture content of corrugated sheets and textile materials. It is determined by measuring the electrical conductivity of the material that is proportional to the content of moisture. The equipment evaluates the moisture by sensing the electrical resistance of hygroscopic material. The sensing is done using one of the three types of electrodes. They are Pin Type sensors (Small pins), Pin type sensors (Long pins), Flat type sensor, and Roller type sensor. It can measure moisture range up to 9% to 30%. The batteries are 12V, 6Amp and chargeable. It uses halogen heating capable to eliminate moisture from the whole area of the sample. The large LCD display with enhanced repeatability for accurate results.