PET containers are much utilized in an assortment of ventures for different purposes. These containers are utilized for capacity and packaging of various materials, for example, pharmaceuticals, sustenance and refreshments, synthetic substances, palatable things, and so on. The fundamental explanation behind such high notoriety of these PET containers is that they can undoubtedly be designed in any shape or size. Also, they are non-receptive to any kind of synthetic reactions which makes them perfect for capacity of compound substances and additionally sustenance things.

For the best assurance of items packed in the PET containers, it is fundamental to guarantee that the nature of the containers gave to the clients is of best quality. There are numerous traits of plastic containers that add to their quality. These traits incorporate accuracy, the thickness of the dividers, and appropriation of strain, area weight, Perpendicularity, base weight, and so forth. These highlights must be fulfilled by a container, to serve better the clients. With the end goal to give best quality to the clients, the makers of the containers need to run a few quality testing methodology on the containers for which they require high precise testing instruments that give test results which can be trusted worldwide.

A noteworthy test that is directed on the PET containers is the section weight investigation. The area weight examination of the plastic containers is completed to break down the uniform dispersion of weight in various areas of the containers as indicated by their size and widths. For best outcomes from area weight examination, it is essential to cut a container into various areas that are base, middle and top without bringing about any misshapening in the segments of the containers.

Hot wire bottle cutter is utilized for precise segment weight investigation of PET containers and holders. It shows the heating temperature in a digital display screen for more accuracy in test results. A proficient instrument for perfect and smooth cutting of test with the assistance of Kanthal cutting wires. Solid clasping holder for zero slip grasping help. Advanced Display of warming for precision and repeatability.

Quick heating up of wires for test cutting. Exact estimation of test segment weight examination. Length, Width customizable clasping component to hold diverse size of containers. Inbuilt with cutting wire strain alteration. Furnished with Variable Voltage Potentiometer for warmth control. Solid and rough base plate. Accessible in 2-wire and 3-wire arrangement. Movable apparatus to test diverse size test bottles.