From dentistry medicinal bonding stuffs to wound sealers, to gels for medical sensing element pads, the term medical adhesive will seek advice from any product that's accustomed adhere or bond in an exceedingly medical application. Medical adhesives will be segregated by two ways, one its use or application and adhesion methodology. Common applications embrace the bandage strips, dental appliances, dentistry composites, wound sealer, tissue repair system, securing bone pins/screws, prosthetic things and related attachments, implants joints and connectors.

The adhesion theme refers to the specified approach within which the adhesive is put and after which the bond within is initiated by activating it. As an instance, pressure sensitive tapes (like bandages) are applied to the skin by putting vertical pressure. Distinct medical adhesives, like those employed in dental applications, square measure activated by heat or ultraviolet light. Peel Strength Tester is used to test the properties of such applications.

Medical adhesives can be put under the test for studying its structure related strength, it’s sealing properties, and resistance against the weather and chemicals surrounding. Structural strength tests embrace measurements in tension/compression and elongation. Test which can tell you about the Adhesion properties of a specimen include the peel seal strength test, the bond strength test etc. These are very much commonly used tests which are related to many medical application. 

Testing the peel strength of adhesive and pressure sensitive tapes is performed to control the quality in the final production. It provides a way or a path which leads to assessment of consistency of the specimen and its adhesion strength. The quality assessment can be performed within a particular strip of medical adhesive bond, between the rolls of tapes, or between the production processes. Adhesive features of the medicinal tapes are quantified utilizing a standardized test method, a pre-determined angle and a particular speed. Test results can be seen on the digital display screen to check the consistency of adhesive strength, bond strength and force required to peel them. The test Sample failures can tell the weak points of a specimen. The tester delivers the maximum accuracy even in the repeatable testing mode.