Corrugated Industry is seeking more ways to improve the crush strength of cardboard material so that the overall strength of the packaging box can be improved. The manufacturer make continues efforts starting from the selection of Material to keeping a check on the production process. Quality control test such as edge crush test or ECT play a major role in improving the crush strength of corrugated cardboard. The test can be of three different form Ring Crush Test (RCT), Flat Crush Test (FCT) and Edge Crush Test (ECT).


The test process starts from preparation of the test sample. It must be prepared as per the test form used. Then it is fitted in the appropriate test clamps and set tightly. The crush load to put and the speed is defined. The test is now started, the load plates slowly pushes the sample down for crushing it and the moment the sample gets crushed  the force value is recorded.

An edge crush tester is a perfect testing instrument that is utilized for making testing situations and is utilized broadly in ventures such bundling, quality confirmation, etc. The instrument is exceptionally valuable in assurance compressive quality of the sides of strong boxes of fiber just as folded boxes. It is best to perform Edge squash test, level pound test and ring pulverize test as per the principles. The testing instrument is exceptionally structured as a table best model and is very easy to understand. Aside from that coming up next are additionally accessible for the clients. It measure the squash quality of cardboard boxes and bundling holders. It is produced under Test Standard IS 7063.

Microchip based showcase for precise test outcomes. Show for pressure quality of test example. Separate apparatuses for ring pulverize, edge squash and level smash test. Profoundly exact test results under pressure drive. Has Strong holding cinches, Bright LED presentation, inbuilt alignment office and Feather contact controls.