A producer of photocopy paper needs to analyze the explanation behind machine dissatisfaction as a result of normal paper jams. A Coefficient of Friction (COF) test was endorsed to measure the static and dynamic coefficients of grinding between two sheets of paper. The COF estimation is an extent that portrays material surface disagreeableness. For example, ice has a coefficient of scouring near zero since it is essentially frictionless. As the COF extent fabricates closer to, the material surface brutality increases. Since no specific testing standard plans a methodology for testing this sort of material, ASTM D 1894 is acknowledged around the world.

Coefficient of Friction Tester is a dependable mechanical assembly to exhibit the start and sliding scouring of plastic films and sheets while sliding over itself or other substance at demonstrated test condition. PRESTO Coefficient of Friction Tester is delivered under various Test Standards ASTM D618, ASTM D 883, BS 2782, and ASTM D 1894. Available in Computerized show as well.

Chip based show for exact test results. Show for Dynamic and Kinetic Friction – Force. Precise test results under sliding grinding. Slider Block for performing tests – Sample to Sample, glass or metal. No slippage if model is fixed reliably using fly screws without any circles. Plume contact controls. Compressive power support with cemented string screw worked.

Coefficient of scouring reveals the stack limit of plastic films. Contact could result from uneven film thickness which prompts uneven film quality. Coefficient of disintegration analyzer tells about the dimension of abuse a plastic film will oversee without hurting the substance. Co-effective of contact procedure recreates the level of abuse a plastic film can effectively suffer without influencing the substance. It is an extremely basic and simple to utilize instrument planned extraordinarily to validate the rubbing that subsists between two surfaces properly secured by the plastic material. In numerous sorts of plastic movies, slip properties are produced as a matter of course because of added substances.

Co-effective of grinding analyzer is for the most part used to assess the coefficient of beginning and sliding contact of plastic sheets, papers, movies, and funnels. It quantifies the active and static rubbing of the test example when it slides over substance in a predefined test circumstance. The test is done to assess the stackability of plastic sheets and movies. These test strategies help plastic producers to maintain a strategic distance from mishaps because of opposition in stacking, bundling, and transporting materials. The uneven sheet thickness could result in upgraded rubbing, which prompts uneven quality.