Corrugated paperboard is the most common packaging material all over the world. Corrugated paper is used in either one form or another by 89% of packaged products and holds for 79% of all packaging material by weight. 78.95 million tons of corrugated paper was produced in 2013. The industry created $59.2 billion in revenue in 2013 alone.

The physical properties of corrugated paper do not give any information to predict the performance of corrugated boxes. Therefore, there is a need to test the strength of these materials in various laboratories. A box compression tester is a machine used to test the compressive strength of these boxes. The primary function of a corrugated box is to store, protect, contain, advertise and transport goods. Corrugated cartons are used as a secondary packaging medium. Its main purpose is to protect the products inside. The role of the corrugated box ensures the corrugated carton reaches the customer in the right condition.

Problems faced by all the companies on a global level is regarding the performance of corrugated boxes with respect to standards and guidelines. These corrugated boxes tend to become weaker due to moisture and its ability to absorb water. They suffer maximum damage from core structure at the time of manufacturing, converting and printing process. At the time if this process, pressures are exerted, it causes thickness reductions up to 19%. Shock and vibrations at the time of transport are major problems for corrugate boxes. The carrying capacity of a corrugated box reduces to 49% due to misalignment of vertical edges from one box on top of another.


The cartons are stacked and stored in warehouses. 95% of the problems arise here. If you look down at the base of the stack, you can see damaged carton about to fall. The carton is not strong enough to bear the load of the stack.

What is the solution?

Box compression tests are conducted to test the strength of these cartons. It can be tested on an unused corrugated box to show the initial strength value possessed by the corrugated box prior to its usage. It can be tested on the unfilled corrugated box by removing out the product from the box. And on the filled corrugated box to see the effect of product inside the corrugated box in supporting the box towards particular compression.

If the corrugated box requires to be four times stronger than the greatest weight it has to bear, the initial compression strength of the box must be four times the most weight it will bear.

Compression Strength Tester measures the box compression strength, shape change and stacking capability of cartons, paper tanks etc.