Bottle seal integrity test is a vital quality control process in various packaging industries. It is used to check the integrity of the bottle caps. Secure Seal Tester for bottle caps is used to perform the test. The caps with poor seal integrity will be shown throwing out bubbles during the test which indicates the failure.


The testing equipment is a reliable apparatus helpful to quantify the seal respectability on Pet and Plastic bottles. This instrument has been intended to address the exceptional needs of fixed carbonated drink containers that utilizes plastic caps. Works at pressure of 175 psi packed air. Microprocessor based control program.

 Programmed test can be conducted through simple pressure discharge mechanism. Have a pressure Inlet setting and Pre-set Timer features consolidated for precision and repeatability. Variable Timer Units in Hrs: min: sec format for easy read out. Inbuilt Calibration and auto-tuning facility. Digitalized display for simple pressure notification and recording. Anodized Aluminum Body with High malleable Plexiglass. By identifying gas spillage instead of fluid, the analyzer gives more delicate and exact readings. The test is shut firmly to check any spillage of gas.


To initiate Bottle seal integrity test, the caps or closure are clamped using the specimen holder. And inserted inside the fluid chamber. The lid is closed and sealed. The digital control section allow the user to set time and pressure. Operator can visually inspect the release of bubbles if the seal of cap is broken.