PET bottle used for packing pressurized beverages such as soft drinks is required to be composed of a tough material. It must be capable of withstanding high pressure and do not exhibit leakage of inside content. Manufacturers thus must conduct high-quality control test processes to see if the material they have chosen for a particular application will fulfil the performance demands or not.


Digital Bottle Burst Tester is an advanced testing model for evaluation of PET bottle expansion volume on exerted pressure. It is used to conduct highly balanced Bottle burst test in which it is observed that at what pressure point the bottle will fail to withstand pressure load. Suitable for testing PET bottle packaging for carbonated drinks.

Complies with multiple international test standards including C147-86 (2015) and deliver results trusted across the globe. Considered to be the best solution for detecting volumetric expansion in PET bottles under pressurized air. Equipped with a digital display screen on which user can observe the test data running live with the test itself. The digital conversion of force into numeric value is highly accurate using microprocessor-based software program. Pneumatic pressure control installed for better results.



Strong test specimen clamping facility delivered in the equipment. Zero slippage of specimen ensured. Automated pressure hold facility installed for managing pressure parameter during the test. Inbuilt calibration available for matching the equipment work precision to that of the company standards and requirements. Digital Bottle Burst Tester can be used for conducting Bottle burst test on various sizes and shapes of PET bottle. Alarm buzz facility on completion of the test.


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