Tennis balls are the most vital part of the tennis equipment, it`s impossible to visualize the game without the ball. These balls have changed over the years and a lot of research has gone into producing the perfect balls for all surfaces. Although the process of manufacturing tennis balls has remained the same over the years, the inspection has evolved with changing times and technology. In this blog section, we will discuss the role of ball compression tester in producing high-quality tennis ball.


Why is the test required?

Tennis is a game of hit and throw. More the Impact, more are the chances of throwing the ball up to a range that the competitor fails to reach and hit it back. While throwing and hitting, the ball is the one which is absorbing the maximum force in itself and converting it into dynamic motions. With passing time, these forces can lead to the downfall of its firmness and quality and can result in its deformation. In case the ball doesn’t hold a good amount of resistance towards these compressive forces the deformation can lead early. Therefore, it is important to establish a proper testing method. An efficient testing method can bring high-quality production and longevity in the tennis balls.

Ball Compression Tester is an efficient testing instrument which is widely used for quality assessment of sports products. It is utilized to test the compression strength of balls and check if the material can fulfil various compression standards provided by standardization authorities. It is designed mainly to evaluate the maximum compression force that can completely crush the ball. To check how much of load a product can bear to protect it from rupture at the time of use, the machine can be utilized. The testing instrument is very easy to operate and offer highly accurate and reliable test results.


Few important features delivered:

  • The microprocessor-based display is offered for accurate test results observation.
  • Display of Compression strength of test specimen while the current test is running.
  • Highly accurate test results under uniform Compression force.
  • Strong gripping clamps to perform Compression test at 90° angle for versatility in testing conditions.
  • Bright LED display along with Feather touch controls for an advanced experience.
  • Inbuilt calibration facility for accurate testing as per distinct industry and product requirements.

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