A product received in good quality condition and on time delivery is the main focus of all the suppliers of packaging industries. Orders are placed through the internet most of the time. Customers are satisfied if they receive their product in a safe condition. The corrugated boxes are used as the most reliable boxes for the packaging industry.

Benefits of Compression Strength Testing

1. Analyse Stacking Strength - The combined board edge compression strength is a function of edge compression strength of the linerboard. Flute formation and the medium flat crush strength are important in their contribution to the measured combined board edge compression strength value. The compressive strength of a corrugated board box is a direct measure of the stacking strength. The edgewise compression strength of the corrugated board is the main contributor to the box stacking strength. Compression Strength Tester measures compression strength in a simple step.

2. Assess Paper Compression Property - This values can be used to analyse the strength properties of paper substrates. The evaluations can be used to establish mathematical correlations between corrugated board and paper compression properties after exposure to climatic conditions. The packaging technologist can use the measurements to select appropriate paper substrates having strength characteristics to manufacture corrugated board with required compressive strength to achieve carton performance for climatic conditions.

3. Ensure Safety of Contents - The corrugated Box Compression Testing ensures the quality of the materials. The efficiency of corrugated boxes can be evaluated by the safest source to pack the contents inside. Box compression tester can be used to assess the maximum compression that a box can tolerate and save the boxes from getting collapsed. The instrument has a specific design that gives a measure of strength, stacking ability, damage completely at a particular time. The methods are used by manufacturers all over the world to measure the quality of the boxes and give the accurate compression value of a box that it can tolerate.

How to Conduct Box Compression Testing – An Easy & Reliable Method 

A box compression test is performed using Box compression tester. It is easy to use that determines the compression strength of a box. It has its wide usage in research centres and laboratories to determine the quality and properties of the materials.

Box compression strength is a complex property. It is determined by the design of the box, testing under realistic conditions that gives useful data for making choices in paperboard. Stiffness and compression strength measurements are used to measure the box compression strength. 

The Labtiger’s testing instrument is designed to test compressive strength with respect to international standards. The finished packages, compression test are used to measure compressive resistance, deformation and stacking capability.