Carton box are made up of corrugated or non-corrugated fibreboard. Their formation material which is primary the paper board may vary in its thickness and constitutional elements. Depending upon which they may also vary in it strength and level of protection they can provide to the inside content. For instance, if the material is thick and strong, the carton box made from it will be more shock proof, and more resistant towards sudden dropping. And on the other hand, the material which is made up of loose constituents and poor quality paper board will be less resistant towards drops or jerks. Thus, damaging the product inside. These properties of a carton box that they are strong enough or not can be checked by testing the performance by Drop tester.

The test equipment is a reliable test equipment which delivers a reliable testing simulation by the tester which may be faced by the specimen in real transit conditions. The tester is strong and rugged structure which stands straight and have a twin flap for specimen holding and release method. The platform is very strong and keep the specimen straight and without any extra or additional movement so that the test can be error free.

The dropping height can be adjustable by fixing the platform at distinct height levels. It has been found that many equipments do not allow the user to do the same. Falling height plays an important role in testing the performance of the carton box or any other package for its behaviour when dropped. The adjustable platform gives you a freedom to set the drop height as per industry or test requirement.

The tester also gives the freedom of angular drop with angular holding fixture. It is useful with the fact that the boxes may or may not dropped in real life straightway. It may dropped tumbling on its own at a particular angle which causes damage to the edges specially. This situation can also be imitated in testing lab with this equipments easily. The holding fixtures hold the sample at the defined angle strongly for an accurate drop.