The electronic parts are used in the devices which have wider and large application such as fridge, television, Mobile phones etc. these parts are commonly composed of flammable constituents such as plastics. The polymer are prone to fire catching and related damages. The electronical devices have an inbuilt tendency to get heat up more often which lets the fire catching incident happen. Hence, it is very important to have the plastic parts used in electronic devices to be certified and tested with Flammability tester using the UL 94 method.

This method is specially designated for performing authorization flammability test on plastic parts used in electronic applications. It includes two different modes of testing which are vertical burning and horizontal burning. It is to be reminded of that this test do not allow us to simulate the actually burning incident or tells us that how the specimen will behave in real fire conditions. It is just a criteria which the specimen has to pass to get clearance certificate for get used in electronic devices.

It just helps in classifying the parts according to their combustibility quality. Plastic parts which are utilized in electrical apparatus or PC gadget must show some measure of opposition towards the fire. These material are inclined to burst into flames effectively and harm the whole circuit. Clients request that the plastic segment to be chosen for a specific machine must pass the UL 94 standard. Thusly, picking the best and solid testing mechanical assembly is vital.

The Tester UL94 fill in as an indicator of a plastics adequacy for use as a component of a gadget or machine regarding its combustibility. It isn't proposed to resemble the perils of a material under genuine fire conditions.

The testing is the initial move toward acquiring a plastic acknowledgment and consequent posting in the "Plastics Recognized part Directory”. UL 94 contains the accompanying tests: 94HB, 94V, 94VTM, 94-5V, 94HBF, 94HF and Radiant Panel.  This isn't implied as a method for running the tests nor as a method for deciding the adequacy of a material for a specific application. The device will make accurate testing of plastic parts for reliable certification.