Cable wires, are among some most utilized polymer product in the world. The wires are used for communication system, electronic appliance, domestic machines, industrial equipments etc. there are plenty of application which is related to the cable wires. Have you wondered, why the product is applicable for so many uses? Due to its numerous property benefits. Specially its durability. The tensile strength of cable wires are their major advantage which makes them flexible for various industries. 


The tensile property means the capability of a wire to be stretched. Which is why the wires are used for long distance system connections. However, a poor tensile feature of a cable is can bring product damage and even lead to major accidents. As cable wires are used for some important and sensitive applications. They must be of high quality as well.


The tensile property can be easily tested in quality control labs using standardized equipments. One of the most renowned testing instrument used in several industries is the Tensile Testing Machine. The new generation model designed by Labtiger is a one way communication computerised version. This means that the equipment can be connect with any computer system or laptop and the test data can be seen in a high definition graphical form on computer screen. The operational data of the machine can be retrieved on the system but the machine cannot be controlled with the computer. 


The equipment has complete digital controls with highly integrated technology. The digital read out screen has right LED lights to visualize the test data in low light condition too. The single column rugged structure machine has strong clamping fixtures for holding the test specimen form both end and pull it in opposite direction. The specimen fail will not be able to take the stress and crack or break.