Polymers have become the basic necessity of the industry and the need of higher quality material is the need of the day. Plastic manufacturers has today found numerous applications in several industries. Their market is growing now and overseas demand is also participating actively. Such growth and higher platforms require quality to maintain your position. Polymer substance which may be used for any specific application must be as per the criteria set by the customer. Or else the material can turn up into production loss and deliver quality issues or it can get straightaway rejected.

Testing the Melt flow properties of a polymer material is an age old practice but it benefits the manufacturer to be one step ahead only if it is conducted the right way using the right tool. Melt flow index is the flow behaviour of a polymer (especially of thermoplastic nature). It is a mass of polymer flown within ten minutes of time through a capillary of a defined dimensions under external pressure and temperature conditions. This particular value is depicted as MFI and used for categorization of polymer material. Each industrial application is fixed as per its flow behaviour and other properties. MFI factor play a major role in the categorization of polymer material for distinct application. For instance, polymer required to manufacture product which requires flexibility under high temperature will need higher MFI and products which needs to be stiff against increasing temperature must have a low MFI value.

Other than this MFR is a similar important factor which is required for Polymer quality control.  Melt flow rate or MFR is an indirect way of measuring the molecular weight of a polymer. Higher the MFR value lower is the molecular weight. It is defined as the capability of the material to flow under external pressure. It is indirectly proportional to the viscosity of the molten specimen. This value is commonly utilized for polyolefins, polyethylene tested at 190 °C and polypropylene at 230 °C.

Device used to conduct such test processes is called as Melt Flow Index Tester. It is used to evaluate the MFI and MFR value of any plastic material using standardized procedure. It is designed as per international test standards and has hi-tech features and automated operations. The equipment is available in Digital and other various models.