Paper weight measurement has always been a very important part of paper manufacturing and paper packaging industry. With numerous types and application of paper, it is very vital to extract each and every property of paper material. The weight of paper or GSM value of paper is a factor based upon which, the manufacturer decide the application of the product further. The weight earlier was measured using technical tools or somewhere it was manual too. But now the new and smart technology of Digital GSM Balance will allow the user to have precise weight of paper without any error.


Let us take an instance how the weight measurement with time have changed for better. Earlier when paper were manufactured they need to weighed as they were to segregate as per their mass and forwarded in the production process as per their application. Paper which were lighter were separated for use in writing or may be drawing, however, paper which were heavier in weight were used further for packaging applications which require more thickness in the material. Even for different drawing techniques the paper material changes its weight.

 The old techniques were using a weighing scale which compare the weight of the paper material with a standard weight. But this technique was full of errors. The paper weight received can be faulty due to use of metal comparison weights. Rather than this, using a digitalized balance machine to calculate the GSM value of paper is the best and ideal option.


The test equipment has superior level of shock resistance and overload protection. Very light in weight and portable in nature. Has a 200 gm of capacity. High quality LCD display screen for test value read out. Calibration feature also available.