Corrugated boxes are renowned for carrying heavy and delicate both types of object and protect them for jerks, or any sort of damage. The corrugate material is so reliable that the boxes made are trusted for even import and export transportation.  The corrugated boxes whether they are in truck loaded for a transport or kept in storage, they are often seen placed one on another. Users due to their high amount of resistance towards bursting forces and vertical load keep them in such position for long in storage.

Ehen the corrugated box manufacturers know that this amount of trust is offered on their product, they are expected to deliver strong carton boxes to packaging companies. However, it is very important to know the material is strong enough or not from which the boxes are made. Using an ideal Corrugated Box Bursting Strength Tester can be the ultimate solution for such situation.

The burst test machine ca help the manufacturer to decide whether the material they have chosen for making the box are strong enough or not. The fibreboard when are put under burst load will depict its performance and resistance capacity. The pressure applied at which the material burst out would the peak value below which the box will perform great and can protect the content inside without buckling.

The test equipment is a highly accurate and standardized machine. It is used to calculate the bursting strength and real-time performance of the material under increasing pressure. Suitable for corrugated box material, paper, fibreboard, plastic film, polyethylene sheets etc. It is digitally control and has manual rotating clamp for tightening the sample. It is considered the best instrument in market due to its design which complies to international standards of bursting strength test.