In today’s world, quality is an important aspect of everything which grabs the attention of manufacturer as well as the consumer. It is not at all happening that any producer can develop a strong reputation of their brand among customers without paying attention to quality part as this generation of consumers are only focused upon quality assurance. Quality do not even require any substitute advertisement it speaks for itself.

While talking of the material used to manufacture packaging items, the raw material selection must be kept as a major point. To assure that the raw material used for production process of packaging product, numerous test methods are applied among which one of the common test is BS test (Bursting Strength test). This test is conducted to evaluate the burst capacity of paper material, corrugated fibreboard, paperboard etc. 

The testing equipment for the test must be a standardized one and should be of high quality such as, Bursting strength tester. The machine is operated and managed by digital controls. The sample clamping is strong and can hold various specimen. The diaphragm is controlled by pneumatic pressure. The pneumatic control assures zero human interference.


The testing procedure involves numerous steps. First the specimen is prepared as per the testing equipment. It is very important step. The operator must cut down a sample in a circular shape and place the sample on the base platform.  After that manual mode of sample clamping is there to tighten the sample.