Manufacturing industries relying a lot on the usage of PET products for primary packaging. Due to its various properties, it is becoming a most preferred technique. It is gaining popularity for packing of carbonated drinks. The reason behind is its property to retain the properties of the drink in a very cost-effective manner. Apart from that, PET bottles can be made very attractive looking with very fewer efforts. Durability plays an important role in easy transportation and storage.


Due to ample of applications and different intended working conditions, the relative authorities have rolled out a different type of testing standards. These tests are performed to assess the different properties of the sample of the bottle before starting the mass production.

What is bottle burst testing?

Bottle burst testing is a sure shot method to ensure the sanity of the bottle when pressure is exerted from the inside. In this test method, the bottle without a cap is clamped on the machine. A pressure is exerted inside the bottle to inflate it. After a certain point, the bottle could not resist this and burst. The value at which bottle bursts will be observed and calculated to derive the bottle burst test. Or creep test can also be performed using bottle burst tester. The bottle will hold the pressure for certain time and
the performance is analysed on this situation. It is more like a pass/fail test of the bottle.


Features of bottle burst tester

  • The machine works on the principle of minimizing the human interference in the test. It has an automatic clamping system to hold and release the bottle.
  • It is incorporated with an 8” HMI touch screen with 65536 colours. The display is in compliance with Nema4, IP65 standards, CE and UL approved.
  • The test readings are displayed in the graphical format on the HMI display.
  • It allows data recalling.
  • The machine comes with a self-calibration facility.
  • It comes with a closed cabinet to perform the test to ensure the safety of the operator at the time of bursting.
  • It comes with a USB connector for data transfer.
  • It comes with a buzzer to notify the operation about test completion.


 Precautions to be taken

This test is very easy to perform. Due to minimum human interference, the machine gives very accurate test results. But operator has to be very cautious while performing the test. As during bursting, the tiny pieces of the bottle may harm the operator. This is why, it is always advised to perform the test after closing the cabinet tightly.


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