Fibers which are used in making paper materials shows drastic modifications within during stock preparation, and particularly at the refining stage. This can happen for various reasons such as breaking of intra‐fiber hydrogen bonds, fibrillation of the exposed secondary wall, creation of inter‐fiber or fibril bonds, fiber shortening and production of fiber debris. This transformation may lead to product damages when they are subjected to daily-use. Hence, manufacturers must conduct mechanical strength testing for their paper samples prior final productions to ensure high-quality delivery to customers. One such mechanical testing instrument used in paper testing labs is the bursting strength tester.

The extent up to which the fiber modifications is developed depends on the mechanical characteristics of the item of plant involved and, to a major degree, on the power input to the refiners. The problem in generating the required characteristics in the type of paper being manufactured lies in the fact that these fiber properties are interdependent. For example, increasing bonding (to promote strength and stiffness) causes fibrillation and a larger surface area that results in lower permeability. Hence, the developed characteristics of a paper are usually a compromise. The bursting strength testing machine can evaluate various properties of strength in paper and those properties that also apply to converted products.

This testing machine presented by Labtiger is designed for measuring the bursting strength of paper subjected to an increasing hydrostatic pressure. This pressure is applied to a circular region of the specimen via an elastic diaphragm. The specimen is firmly held around the edge of this circular region. When the pressure is applied, the specimen deforms together with the diaphragm. The bursting strength corresponds to the maximum pressure supported by the specimen before failure.

Few important key features we deliver:

  • Can be operated by a single push button to avoid complexity in testing
  • Microprocessor based display for live test results analysis
  • Peak hold facility installed in the machine to hold maximum value of test result
  • Memory to keep a record of maximum 9 test readings
  • Highly accurate test results can be assured under multidirectional force
  • Strong gripping clamps for holding the test sample
  • Grooved structure of test specimen holder provided to avoid slippage and intact holding of specimen under test
  • The specimen can be tightened uniformly using operating wheel as per requirement
  • Bright LED display with feather touch controls
  • Equipped with calibration lock & key feature

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