Beverage industry is the most successful market nowadays, they are facing increasing demands for more investment on innovative packaging. The market wants a packaging container which is both durable and has an efficient performance. The beverage quality control includes variety of test but filling test also pays an important section. The containers weight analysis section wise is a vita aspect to test. Equipment like Hot Wire Bottle Cutter NXG helps in precise cutting of PET bottle or any plastic beverage container for their section weight assessment.

The equipment is digitally controlled and have a digital based display screen. User can monitor the heating temperature given to cutting wires on the display screen. Kanthal wires are used which allows the user to slice the sample smoothly without any disturbed edges. The clamping design has been taken care of fully. The sample container can be easily held depending upon their shape and size. The sample hold is also very firm so that zero slippage is there during the test process.

The Kanthal wires heating speed is remarkable. They are equipped with rapid heating mode. The length and width of the bottle can be adjusted to make the clamping experience better for a wide variety of containers. The cutting wire tension can be adjusted as per the requirement.

 The procedure involves placing the bottle sample and clamp it firmly by adjusting the knobs. Then set the heating temperature as per requirement of the industries. The Sample is then ready to get sliced. Carefully place the wire on the specimen and slice into three sections.