PET bottles which are manufactured for carbonated beverages must fulfill certain quality standards to meet the customer requirements. For the same, it must undergo technical procedures for testing various parameters such as top load, height, weight, diameters, perpendicularity, weight distribution etc. Among these, bottle burst test is a quality assurance analysis which is conducted on PET bottles of carbonated beverages for assessment of its bursting strength.

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How Is Bursting Strength Calculated for PET Bottles?

A very important characteristic of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles manufactured for carbonated beverages is the bursting strength of bottles. The bursting strength is calculated using a bottle burst tester. The sample bottle is filled with water and pressurized until it bursts.

Following are the steps for calculating bursting strength of PET bottles:

  1. Bottles are kept in a particular amount of pressure with air and water inside the testing instrument.
  2. Pressure is delivered upon the specimen until it fails and burst out or it reaches the set limit.
  3. The bottle bursting tester than records the result of maximum pressure at which the bottle burst.

Digital Bottle Burst Tester for bursting strength analysis

Labtiger offers Digital Bottle Burst Tester which is a high-quality testing instrument utilized to conduct bottle burst test on PET bottles for its strength assessment.

It is a highly useful and world trusted testing instrument which is majorly in use for PET industries. It specifically tests container forms carrying high pressurized carbonated liquids. It is known for its digitally advanced features and user-friendly experience among a wide range of customers. In addition to the digital model, a touch screen model of a bottle burst tester is also available. 

Some USP features are as follows:

  • The instrument has seven standard bars compressed air for testing operation.
  • The machine has a faster cycle time.
  • It has a digital screen to view the test results in the form of PASS/FAIL.
  • It is equipped with a self-calibration facility.
  • Auto sample holding is another unique feature offered by the instrument.
  • An automatic alarm is given to the machine which triggers once the test is completed

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