The Lab hot air oven is an invention of a renowned scientist and father of modern microbiology, Mr. Louis Pasteur. It uses the dry heating method to sterilize the products which are utilized in various industries. This machine is best for heating operations which ranges from 50°C to 250°C. It works by utilizing a thermostat for managing the temperature changes and the altered temperature can be observed in digital format on the screen. The double wall construction of the oven makes its operation reliable and keeps the heat trapped for a long time.

The double-walled design of the machine and an automated managing system ensures the delivery of a uniform heat throughout the test. It also offers a precise sequence of operations as well as quick recovery time post opening the door. It is also used for mild heating process and drying of basic substances. The zero noise operation of the device is another feature that makes it preferable.

The working principle of the machine

The working principle of the machine is the input of dry heat. This mechanism is used for sterilization and also to test the behavior of many products in high temperature. The operation of lab oven depends on an accurate pressure of air convection within a power heated inner chamber.

Benefits of Hot air oven

  • It is used in dry heat applications for sterilizing of the industrial and laboratory products.
  • It is equipped with thermostat based control for uniform heat management.
  • It functions with a digitally controlled interface to manage the heat properly.
  • It has a double-walled construction which helps to ensure zero heat loss and conserve energy.
  • The insulation provided by the machine ensures the safety of the instrument surfaces and prevents it from burning.
  • The zero-noise hot air fan is installed in the machine for constant air circulation as well as better temperature distribution around the specimen.

  • The stainless steel polish inside the oven offer protection against the corrosion as well as ensure long-lasting operation of the machine.


The lab hot air ovens are the best machinery for industrial and laboratory use. Lab products such as glass flasks or cylinders covered with aluminum foil, nylon or glass syringes, glass test tubes, glass or aluminum Petri dishes, metal needles, etc. are safe for oven use.  Industrial products such as polymer, rubber specimen or plastics etc. can be tested for their behavior assessment in this type of oven.

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