It has been found that the moisture content hold a huge importance in setting up the final pharma products. Somewhere the powdered drugs which are the ultimate raw material used to produce different form of medicines. The amount of moisture is predetermined for the drugs as per their use. If any drug is used as an inhaler which will be then in a powder form only encapsulated only will not have a requirement of moisture. Instead, it must not contain any traces of water in it.

In such cases, the raw powder form drug must be assessed for the moisture content in it. On the other hand there are some specified drugs which are consumed in tablet form require moisture in a defined amount to bind the powdered material together. It is designed in such a way that when the moisture content inside the material increases a limit, they starts melting, which happens when they come in contact with water while consuming.

Therefore, the drugs manufacturing must rely on a standardized and high class equipment for testing the moisture content of drugs, like a Moisture Analyser. Use of quality equipments stands a great role as accuracy in test results are very important. For instance, in the case of drugs we are dealing with chemicals at molecular level. Here may be a single count of additional H2O can disrupt the chemical bonds and transform the entire chemical. Therefore, if it is said that this particular drug mixture must have 1.00008% of moisture content in it, then it can’t be 1.00007. This level of accuracy with complete control over test operation & monitoring is delivered in the tester.

The machine works in a weighing method. You weigh the sample prior test and post the test. The difference is your moisture content. It dries the moisture present in the sample finely so that the user can get an accurate result. Uses Halogen lamps for rapid drying out actions. A high grade material used to construct the test pan which is a non-reactive material and can take the test specimen easily. Equipped with a programmable digitalized display which helps in test data monitoring. Uses an RS 232 communication interface for maintaining high level of accuracy in the test data. User can calibrate the equipment using in-house calibration features to develop their device procedures as per their industry standards.