Plastic material exposed to prolong duration of sunlight are tend to develop weakening bonds in them and eventually get cracks on them and lower its performance. Material like plastic Roofing or automobile car exterior are usually composed of high-grade polymers. These are tested under several condition before finalising. It is checked if they are fit to withstand damaging and harsh weather conditions.

For achieving an ultimate conditions for testing the effect of weather on plastic, one must use a standardized and hi-tech featured UV Light Accelerated Weathering Tester. The weathering test machine is specially design for assessing the effects of UV light exposure on Plastic materials. It provides accelerated conditions for natural sunlight containing damaging UV light which can penetrate the molecule and damages the plastic quality with time.

It is equipped with UV lamps, water spray and fluorescent light so that can deliver a complete set of environmental factors. The chamber complies with ISO 4892-3:2012, ASTM D4329-13, ASTM D4587-11, and ASTM G-151-10. This way the tested material can be accepted under these standards worldwide. The VIP feature of the chamber is its touch screen display which allow the user to have complete control over the test.

The test cabinet can also maintain a rapid resumption of all the conditions provided to it during the test, including UV exposure, water sprays. This is best for repeatable cycles. User can visualize the current test results on screen. User can set the test parameters and the time duration as per their industry requirements.