Plastic materials exhibit high quality of stress or tensile properties. However, extended exposure of plastic surface to rain, moisture, heating, increasing and lowering temperature may cause it to develop crack and eventually break down. Therefore it is important to conduct precise assessment of plastic material using Environmental Stress Crack Resistance tester to evaluate the performance of plastic material after a long time period.

The chamber is a specialized and standard test machine used for assessing the ageing process and behaviour of plastic material, components and products. It smartly detects the physical characteristics of polymer material and evaluate its real-life stress resistance strength. It is also utilized for ascertaining the actual working life of plastic product under environmental damaging conditions. The machine is designed under international test standards such as ASTM D1693-15.

The Chamber manages its temperature control using PID program for delivering point to point changes as per requirement. Due to uniform distribution of temperature throughout the cabinet, precise results are offered. Advanced technology has been used to equip microprocessor based PID temperature control unit. There is a provision given for the operator to read the set value and the process value on the display screen.

Inbuilt calibration feature allow the operator to set the machine as per the industry requirement. The display screen has been installed with a bright LED lighting feature which allow the user to visualize test readings on screen in low light conditions. Rapid mode heaters has been installed to deliver faster and homogenous heating conditions.  An integrated water drainage system is there to drain off the excess amount of water automatically.