The CASS test is generally utilized for quality affirmation of metal, imitating the corrosion environment and benefits material assessment. It was outlined particularly to test enriching, electrodeposited nickel/chromium and copper/nickel/chromium coatings. Keeping this test as a piece of value control in the business can enhance the nature of electroplated parts and in the long run and prompt the advancement of new and unrivalled electroplating forms. In this blog section, we will discuss the most employed testing standard i.e. ASTM B117 for CASS salt spray tester.

The highlights required for a perfect CASS test chamber which consents to ASTM B117 guidelines incorporates a mist chamber, a salt-arrangement repository, a supply of vacuum air, at least one atomizing sprayer, chamber insulation, and easy to use controls. The machine must be planned such that the drops of arrangement that amass on the roof amid the test don't fall on the testing examples. Likewise, the arrangement dropped from the testing process will not come back to the arrangement repository for respraying.

It is made under different Test Standards ASTM B117, ASTM B368 – 09 JIS Z 2371. With HMI based touchscreen demonstrate, it likewise gives inbuilt temperature settings for temperature control. It is outfitted with both CASS and NaCl testing mode. The exceedingly propelled erosion safe pt-100 sensor is introduced for precise control. Test Information recovering is possible with USB portal. The pre-set qualities and present test esteems are shown together on screen. The touchscreen display allowing the user to set test parameters as per requirement.