Corrugated box is the best mode of packaging for a wide range of products. Be it delicate stuff or heavy material, Carton box can carry and transport products with complete safety. Corrugated boards or fibreboards are used to manufacture the corrugate containers. The sheets are selected as per their strength and compression resistance. The Corrugated box quality control include various tests but the most common is the Box Compression test using compression testing machine.

The test equipment operation is based on advanced mode microprocessor program which converts the force application and modifications into numerical values accurately. The operating section include a digital display screen for test value read-out. Bright LED light is fitted on screen to have a clear vision. There are feather-touch buttons for controlling the Tare value, peak hold value, save values in memory and pre-set value. Main switch for starting the machine. Easy rotating knob for controlling the upward and downward movement of the compression plate.

Twin column strong structure holds the compression plate steadily. The compression plate is installed with NABL certified Load cell. It ensures the equal distribution of comp5ression force throughout the specimen surface. Large specimen placement area. The design of the machine complies with several international test standards such as ASTM D642, ASTM D4169, TAPPI T804, ISO 12048, and JIS Z0212.

Upward and downward safety switches are equipped to avoid over travel of the compression plate. To initiate the test cycle, place the corrugated box under the compression plate. Lock the compression plate travel as per test standard followed or your industry requirement. Rotate the knob for down and allow the compression plate to fall on the box. The point at which the specimen starts to buckle is recorded.