Accelerated ageing test on the thermoplastic material is an important factor for plastic manufacturers. The thermoplastic material is used in major applications and thus must deliver its best quality. Their main property to meltdown at a point of temperature and cool down at one is the main USP. However, these type of material are often get cracked or melt and set on a bad shape with time. That happens when they are not manufactured properly. Therefore, an ageing test using precision test instruments is required. The testing instrument must be as per the test standards which are followed across the globe so that no rooms for errors are left.


Accelerated Ageing Oven is specifically used for conducting an accelerated ageing test on thermoplastic. Also, one can conduct heat resistant test using the chamber. It follows the ISO 188-2011 test standards completely.  The machine is designed and constructed as per the standard requirement.  It inspects the material behaviour on elevating the temperature for a longer time period. The test results are done with visual inspection before and after the test. The maximum range of temperature it can offer is ambient to 300°C. High-quality stainless steel is used to construct the outer body and Mild steel material for the inner body. Accurate and automated air flow meter equipped with the chamber. The Accelerated Ageing Oven ensure easy specimen placement with two adjustable trays.

 During an accelerated ageing test on thermoplastic, the test parameters and changing temperature can be observed on a microprocessor-based digital screen. The display area is equipped with bright LED lights to have a clear vision of data. Special T/P action installed to avoid temperature overshooting issue. PID temperature controller is a part of the chamber to assure high accuracy in temperature generation.


To initiate the test process, one must first inspect the properties of the thermoplastic material prior to the test. Place the specimen in the chamber on the tray and close the lid. The lid has a powerful insulation system which does not allow heat loss and delivers efficiency in the test. Presto Accelerated Ageing Oven is the foremost choice of thermoplastic manufacturers for conducting the ageing test. It can not only deliver the results faster but assure maximum precision too.

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