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Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope LTSM-8

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Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope LTSM-8

Labtiger manufactures a wide range of stereo zoom microscopes. One of the best microscopes from the wide list of Labtiger’s zoom microscope is Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope. The microscope generates three-dimensional and highly accurate images for all the microscope applications. The instrument comprises of a large object fields and permits extended working distance. The instrument is ideal to analyze the rough material surfaces and to observe the large biological samples.


Stereo Zoom Microscopes are used in both high power and low power applications of microscopy which includes biological analysis, inspection, quality control and many more. The Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscopes are optical microscopes that use incident light illumination for inspection. The Stereo Microscopes offers a broad range of magnification options, along with the features of interchangeable objectives, zoom capability in high-end models. Many stereo microscopes also offer video adaptability option for various video microscopy applications. Labtiger offers the best quality of binocular stereo zoom microscope LTSM-8. The instrument is compatible with different objective lenses.
  • Offers highly accurate images for all the microscope applications

  • Ideal Instrument to analyze the rough material surfaces and to observe the large biological samples.

  • Provided with an binocular tube with an inclination of 45 degree for greater ease of observation.

  • Magnification range provided by the device is 7x to 45x

  • The microscopic zooming ratio of the instrument is 6.4:1

  • The Rack-pinion focusing stroke of the device is 50nm.

  • Objective 0.7x to 4.5x.

  • Eyepiece lens WF10X.

  • Standard working distance of the device is 10nm irrespective of the magnification.

  • Crisp and erect images with excellent and high resolution stereoscopic effect.

  • Standard working distance 100mm, regardless of the magnification.

  • Interpupillary distance from 54 to 75mm.

  • Field of the object is 28.6-4.4 mm.

  • Dioptic adjustment with a range of +5 diopters is possible with both oculars.

  • Binocular body can be rotated a full 360 degree and locked in any position desired.

  • Once brought in image or focus remains sharp and clear throughout the whole zoom range.

  • Dual illumination system along with the circular fluorescent ring light.

  • Packed in cardboard box along with vinyl cover and operation manual.

Additional Accessories

  • LTZM-1-Spare Eyepiece with WF 10X-15X-20X.

  • LTZM-2-Auxilliary objectives 0.5 X amd 0.2X for Stereo Zoom Microscopes.

  • LTZM-3-Dark field attachment with moveable gem clamp and special system.

  • LTZM-4-Universal stand for convenient examination of large specimens or parts.

  • LTZM-5-High intensity fluorescent ring illuminator with power supply and circular fluorescent tube.

  • LTZM-6-Fluorescent high intensity circular tube for the illuminator.

  • LTZM-7-A spare 20 watt halogen lamp for incident illuminator.

  • LTZM-8-Eyepiece with graticules: cross line, micrometer disc, eccentric circles, graph and many more.

  • LTZM-9-Polarizing the attachments to examine geological specimens under polarized light.

  • LTZM-10-Gliding stage to quickly scan the specimens in X-Y direction.

  • LTFI-1–Single light fibre optic illuminator.

  • LTFI-2-Doublelight fiber optic illuminator.

  • LTFI-3-Ring light fiber optic illuminator.

  • LTSI-8-Dark field attachment for embroyology comprises of dark field system and a adapter for petri-dishes.

  • LTSI-7-Spot light halogen illuminators for stereo microscopes.

Customer Reviews

Best for High-Definition Images! Review by Pranab Mehra
Thanks to Labtiger for offering such a useful testing machine. The instrument is simply superb. I have purchases some accessories also with the microscope which helped me a lot to do inspection work for different applications like LTZM-1-Spare Eyepiece with WF 10X-15X-20X, LTZM-2-Auxilliary objectives 0.5 X and 0.2X for Stereo Zoom Microscopes. The service support by Labtiger is very good they have made things clear. The device offers highly clear and high-definition images. It is best instrument to analyze biological samples. (Posted on 2/6/2016)
Good Good Good Review by Rahul Sarkar
Binocular stereo zoom microscope gives a high quality of the images means you can view even the crisp images with exceptional and high-resolution stereoscopic effect. I have noticed that once you focus the image it remains sharp and clear throughout the whole zoom range. The best device to test the surface of a material and analyze the biological samples. The binocular tube has 45-degree inclination that is helpful to observe the specimen in an easier way. Hey guys, use this exceptionally good product and make your life easy. (Posted on 11/30/2015)

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Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope LTSM-8